Visiting Family; A Step-By-Step Guide

I'd like to just clarify here that I love my family, I really do. But they're a bit ... crazy? Eccentric? Immature? Yeah, that's about right. I'm not gonna lie, they really do get on my nerves sometimes. Correction: a lot of the time.  As you may know, I'm on a family holiday at the … Continue reading Visiting Family; A Step-By-Step Guide

#impeachtrump; a recount of events

To be quite frank, I hate Donald Trump and pretty much everything he stands for. As a very sane and inclusive person, he drives me absolutely bonkers and that's putting it nicely.  Today, our old pal Mr Donald "I'm-ruining-the-world-and-lives-of-millions-but-I'm-rich-and-Imma-build-a-wall" Trump has come up in several conversations that I've had today. In fact, I started off … Continue reading #impeachtrump; a recount of events

Jasper Jones: Book Review

Charlie Bucktin is woken, late at night, by Jasper Jones — widely known as a rebellious troublemaker and a semi-official outcast of Corrigan. Little does Charlie know that Jasper's visit is just the beginning of a string of unfortunate and unexpected events.  I absolutely adore Jasper Jones, honestly, Craig Silvey is a downright genius. As well … Continue reading Jasper Jones: Book Review